Once upon a time..

Born in Melbourne, ip dip do began life for parents who wanted to keep the gender reveal of their little bubba a surprise but were finding that buying gender neutral came with its challenges and limitations in terms of options. 

I had the same problems and frustrations whilst I was expecting. I wanted relaxed lounge appeal and a simplistic street-wear vibe inspired by city living.

So I designed a casual and effortless gender neutral babywear collection with everyday looks elevated with the fun ip dip do DNA.

I love that my pieces have that ease of wearability across genders but also that I use fabrics that are 100% organic cotton. Everything I do from labelling to packaging takes into account the impact of the environment which is now the heart and soul of my collections...after all, I want my ip dip family to be proud to wear my designs knowing I am doing my very best to reduce my carbon baby print on our planet.

Enjoy, mi familia!